Data Aggregation and Streaming
Data aggregation is a process in which information is gathered from multiple sources and expressed in a format that it can be useful as basis for businesses reporting and statistical analysis. It is crucial for businesses to have proactive data aggregation and streaming solutions to enhance their analysis and reporting capabilities. We provide a data aggregation and streaming framework with flexible architecture to support complex data aggregation needs.
Data Mining
Data mining or knowledge discovery is the process of analysing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. Data mining not only can analyse past events but also can find hidden patterns from data sources and help to answer business questions that traditionally are too time consuming to resolve. Thus, data mining helps to predict future trends and behaviours, and to enable businesses to make knowledge-driven decisions. Our solutions tackle the challenge of increasing the accuracy of data analysis while driving down the cost.
Statistical Modeling
A statistical model is a formalization of relationships between variables in the form of mathematical equations. A statistical model describes how one or more random variables are related to one or more random variables. Our platform is designed to integrate with multiple statistical models that in turns would help businesses in making decisions.
Trading Arbitrage
Trading arbitrage involves buying and selling a security and taking advantage of prices differences that may exists on different markets. These transactions must occur simultaneously to avoid exposure to market risk where prices may change on one market before both transactions are complete. Hence, systems that are used for trading arbitrage must be able to execute transactions the instant there is a matching deal that capitalizes the imbalance between market prices.
Algorithm Trading
Algorithm trading is the use of electronic platforms for making trade orders with an algorithm that decides on aspects of the order such as timing, price or quantity of the order. To trade effectively, we need to be able to respond rapidly to changing market conditions. In algorithmic trading, a relatively small difference in time, even milliseconds, can mean access to prices and liquidity that determine profitability. Our product – Wyvern – is built to be able to support businesses in algorithm trading.
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